HR Online Services

HR Support Center

No more Googling for HR answers.  Build your HR foundation quickly and easily with  our self-service libraries, tools, and templates.


Best Fit For

Employers with fewer than 10 employees looking for foundational HR support.

What's Included

Single-State handbook, state & federal laws, training library, best practices, document library.

HR On-Demand

Rapidly solve your HR issues with unlimited, on-demand support from the industry's best team of certified HR professionals.


Best Fit For

Employer with fewer than 50 employees looking for fast, live HR advice

What's Included

On-demand consulting, custom multi-state handbook development with consultation, harassment prevention training, job description and document customization, HR concierge live chat.

HR Complete

Get a dedicated HR Advisor who will work with you to provide comprehensive HR protection and support for your organization.


Best Fit For

Employers with 25-150 employees looking for dedicated HR compliance support

What's Included

Everything you get with HR On-Demand, plus a dedicated HR Advisor, in-depth HR audit, HR compliance action plan, monthly meetings, key compliance deliverables.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Program          Internal

Meet New York State mandatory requirements with our interactive, online course for workplace sexual harassment training.

This all-inclusive training program provides policies and training to keep your business in compliance with NYS law.


OfficeDaily is a cloud-based intranet solution to help keep your thumb on the pulse of your business. This powerful tool can be used to centralize, share and manage your day-to-day business and HR functions to create an open and engaged culture.

  • Bring everything and everybody all to one spot!
  • Get everyone on the same page and on the same team!
  • Share and open your culture!
  • Make life easier for you and your employees. 
  • Webanize your business by managing daily functions.

OfficeDaily is the one place everyone turns to ask, request, look up, learn, share and know what's going on. It’s the dashboard for your business. OfficeDaily is packed full of features that can help any business big or small. Activate a few features or activate them all...use them as needed and at your own pace. Whether you are centralizing documents or forms, connecting employees, investors or offices together, sharing company news or key goals, or just managing daily tasks like PTO or tech requests.

Clients have shared many intangible results from using OfficeDaily. Things such as increased employee morale, stepped up leadership, natural team-building, expense savings, idea generation, and company culture evolution into an open, engaging and collaborative environment that employees can thrive in.

Call or e-mail us today for a demo and find out how OfficeDaily can help your organization.

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